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Organic Forest Honey - 420g Jar

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Since their appearance, forests have played an important role in our planet’s life, contributing to the development of human life and society. If, at the time of man’s appearance, the forests were the main source of food and shelter, the wood for the last 5,000 years has become the most important fuel and material for constructions and tools. This is why it is rightly believed that the forest was “the unpredictable hero of the technological revolution that has brought us from the Stone Age to the present.”

Forest honey (Honeydew honey) contains just a few volatile substances, source of its subtle aroma. Still a coniferous honey, it is somewhat more flavoursome, with mild hints of pine resin. It’s not very sweet due to the high mineral content that balances the level of the sugars, but it ends in light caramel tones.