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Hempura 500mg Broad-Spectrum CBD White Chocolates (20)

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Key Points

  • • 25mg CBD per chocolate
  • • Melts under the tongue
  • • Broad-spectrum (zero THC)
  • • Rich in cannabinoids & terpenes

Main Points

  • 500mg of CBD in each packet – 20 x 25mg chocolates
  • 25mg CBD per chocolate (best used in halves)
  • Broad-spectrum (Zero THC)(?)– Winterised & filtered – Beautifully clear, light tasting & THC free
  • Manufactured from a full hemp extract – Filled with cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Contains zero CBD isolate
  • To be melted underneath the tongue (Sublingual)
  • Delicate taste of cannabis originating from the natural terpenes found within cannabis sativa hemp
  • Made in Great Britain with organically grown industrial hemp
  • Safe to use by the whole family
  • Lab Tested for Guaranteed Quality


Scientific analysis reveals that CBD oil is rich in active cannabinoids, a group of compounds that plays crucial role in the maintenance of body homoeostasis. The ultra-filtration process allows a vast amount of nutritional value to be packed in a single drop of Hempura CBD oil:

  • Cannabinoids including CBD.
  • Terpenes – The substance found in CBD oil that gives the unique aroma of cannabis. They are also commonly found in herbs, fruits and plants.

These highly regarded 500mg Hempura Sativa CBD white chocolates are a tasty way to enjoy the benefits associated with CBD oil. Derived from an organically grown hemp strain of the Cannabis Sativa plant which contains zero THC, our CBD chocolates are totally safe and legal to use.

Lots of research has and still is being conducted to assess the assistance CBD provides us in keeping healthy. The results have been astounding, suggesting countless benefits for our mental and physical well-being. No wonder its popularity continues to grow around the world – it is safe, legal to use and with no risk of addiction.

Our Hempura CBD white chocolates are bursting with 100% natural cannabinoids, they have a strong flavour mixed with the luxury of cocoa butter, resulting in a delicious white chocolate. Dissolving these chocolates under the tongue is a great way to absorb all the benefits of CBD. Perfect for all the family and with no harmful pesticides these can become a part of your daily routine.


Cannabis sativa hemp extract, sugar, cocoa butter, dried whole milk, milk fat, emulsifier (sunflower lecithins), flavouring.

First time taking CBD?

If you are new to the advantages of UK CBD oil, then these Hempura CBD chocolates are an ideal starting point. It couldn’t be easier, just place half a chocolate under your tongue and enjoy the taste whilst it melts. For this strength CBD chocolate, we recommend half a chocolate, twice a day, totalling 25mg of CBD – a good starting dose. This can then be increased to 1 whole chocolate, twice a day, if you feel a higher dose would be more effective. If you feel the dose isn’t providing the same results, you can also move on to the strongest of our CBD chocolates.