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Who We Are

This journey started in the Azores islands, where Oikospiral manifested in the form of an organic gardening supply and fair trade products e-commerce brand intertwined with a small ecological commercial gardening venture. Provided only by ecological science academic knowledge and by a genuine passion for sustainability it was decided to take the leap of faith into doing our own thing. We can say at least it was mission accomplished at multiple levels: We saw first-hand how we brought some novelty to the local market we were navigating and definitely helped to reach the public's growing interest in organic certified and more environmentally and socially conscious products. By lone manouvering with limited resources we managed to do a lot, I can assuredly posit. From carrying the water our precious crops needed to survive hot and humid island summers on our own shoulders to building a water collection and drip irrigation, it can be said that we learned the value of things. From selling on-line to the final consumer, from suddenly having to find new strategies like distributing our products in bulk, while partnering up with local traditional retailers. From the blood, sweat and tears of the experience-intensive first four years of Oikospiral, we can humbly see how we learned a lot. 
As much as possible Oikospiral tried to take part in environmental promotion events, with local NGOs and primed for developing an engaging social media environmental education campaign, while in the background all the more labor investing but nonetheless rewarding and enjoyable tasks of outdoor and glasshouse gardening were happening,  as well as the logistic aspect of the model involved in product delivery.
Today we are located in London, and attempting to approach the search for a more meaningful way and seeing there is a different ocean of possibilities to navigate, we aspire to do what the natural calling demands. We thus, bring to you, for a start this array of CBD products, all UK production, as we help local brands that we considered to be of assured quality to satisfy the growing knowledge about CBD and demand for strict quality control accreditation methods; We present as well an impressive performance line of Vaporisers and Aromatherapy products to allow you to harness the benefits of aromatherapy and natural aromatic herbs. Brought to you by some of the best local producers, our CBD is the guaranteed quality (most vegan and fair products) that will bring you the level of assurance and peace of mind you are looking to enjoy. 
As we develop and morph, as should hereby be expected from the undertakings of Oikospiral, we hope to be more in-line and attuned to the Earth and give our devotional return through activities that will be in our future announced, so stay tuned, stay in sync... 
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